Earn cash by selling your second-hand books, games, DVDs and CDs

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With Ziffit, choosing how to deal with old and unwanted DVDs is no longer a problem. You can get cash quickly by entering barcodes, getting quotes, and sending them to Ziffit. These movies or TV shows just make your home messy. They buy more than just DVDs, you can also use CDs, books, and games in exchange for generous income. When you decide to redeem your home entertainment products, remember to check MyVoucherCodes for all the latest and best discounts and promotions.
Try to find a place to put all your newly purchased items, because your house is full of old and unwanted items. Don’t know how to get rid of it, but think it’s great to throw it away? Why not make money for things you don’t need with the extremely simple service provided by Ziffit. Ziffit makes it easier for you to sell books, DVDs, CDs, and games in a few simple steps. Clean out the clutter in your drawers and closet from unwanted items that have been dusty after being abandoned for a long time. Instead, earn cash for your stuff and enjoy substantial savings. Just a few simple steps to earn cash! When using Ziffit, making money with old things couldn’t be easier. Just download the free Ziffit app on IOS or Google Play, then scan or enter your ISBN barcode to get the instant price! Ziffit will provide you with a quote. Once you are satisfied with the offer, complete the transaction and pack your items safely to ensure they are well protected during the transition period. Then, if your item weighs more than 5 kg, all you need to do is use Ziffit’s free courier service, or go to one of Ziffit’s delivery services. A Ziffit will receive your items and pay by bank transfer, PayPal or check. It couldn’t be easier! It’s really easy. If you choose to sell your items to Ziffit, all you have to do is box them and take the boxes to one of more than 5000 collection locations. If your box weighs less than 10 kg, then you need to worry about shipping costs, because Ziffit has already provided you with protection. Want to turn things you don’t need into cash donations? Ziffit works with Virgin Money to allow customers to donate 100% or part of the value of unwanted books, DVDs, CDs, and games to the charity of your choice. Ziffit is committed to helping charities and making a positive impact. This is why you can donate the value of unwanted things to charity in a few simple steps without leaving home.
Doing good through business is at the core of Ziffit; this is the driving force for Ziffit’s growth.

Ziffit is part of a circular economy, which means that no products are sent to landfills. Ziffit is proud to be B Corp™ and continues to work hard as a good company.

As a sustainable company, Ziffit will resell or recycle every item in Ziffit’s hands. This is really important to Ziffit, and Ziffit knows it is also important to you.

As a charity, Ziffit also helps charities transfer their remaining inventory (items they cannot sell) so that they can optimize profits (make more money!). Through Ziffit’s parent company, World of Books Group, Ziffit gives back to the communities that need it.
Ziffit is fast, free and simple
All you need to do is collect any items you no longer need or want, scan the barcode on Ziffit and complete your transaction.
Trade with Ziffit in a circular economy, reuse items to give them a new home, and a great way to organize and earn cash.

To learn more about how it works, please visit Ziffit’s FAQ page or contact one of Ziffit’s friendly team.
If you have questions or just want to say hello, Ziffit is also on Facebook and Twitter.


It all starts with a bag of books…

Ziffit is a proud member of the World of Books Group. The group is composed of three business technology businesses: Ziffit, Book World and Shopiago. It all started with a bag of books rescued by book-loving entrepreneurs from a charity shop trash bin destined to landfill. The founder of Ziffit recognized the opportunity to avoid wasting books by reselling and relocating surplus inventory that cannot be sold by charity ships.

The goal of the World of Books Group: a circular economy for-profit company that supports charity and protects the planet by allowing more products to be reused.

Ziffit is a 100% circular economy that provides consumers with an easy way to trade used books, CDs, DVDs and games. Once books and media are purchased and processed, items can be resold through BookWorld and other platforms, donated to outstanding causes, or recycled responsibly.

Ziffit scanning software was developed for charity shops, allowing them to quickly scan items and list them on multiple e-commerce platforms, thereby generating additional income for charity causes. Ziffit technology has also been developed to support in-store “repurchase” (trade-in) cooperation programs for new bookstores. These valuable partnerships extend Ziffit’s mission to allow as many books as possible to circulate.

World Book Group has two final warehouses fully operational in the UK including 220,000 square feet. This is enough to hold 5 million inventory items, allowing Ziffit to reuse and recycle more than 85 million books each year.

The group is growing both in the UK and internationally. Ziffit hopes to become a global leader in the purchase and resale of used books, using Ziffit’s platform and innovative technology to share the power of reuse and recycling at a lower cost.