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About Zen Wardrobe
Zen Wardrobe offers a fresh and unique shopping experience for the everyday woman, focusing on the four basic aspects of comfortable styling: fit, texture, color and accessories. Each brand and custom clothing has been carefully selected to promote the smooth silhouettes of Zen Wardrobe’s exclusive designer pieces.

At Zen, we select the most innovative women’s fashion brands from around the world and brands that value timeless style, quality craftsmanship and comfort. Zen consists of forward-thinking brands that offer everything from sustainable dresses and accessories to fashionable products, jackets and avant-garde shoes.

Zen Wardrobe was founded by a successful couple team Julian and Rhona Blades, founders of the international fashion chain Jules B. Zen is inspired by the fast paced industry and the daily challenges many women face when organizing their clothes. We want to simplify the process for our customers and empower women to create capsule cabinets that women can use anytime.

line texture
The Zen Wardrobe brand list has been carefully selected on the basis of quality, structure and style. A big part of that is that each piece has excellent fabric and tactile feel. From the lightest linens to the softest finishes of cashmere and crepe, with Zen Wardrobe you’ll find easy-to-wear clothes made with the textures and fabrics you need.

line color
Soft pastels collide with bold, vibrant pop colors throughout the collection. Whether your customers are looking for neutral daytime dresses or full-featured evening dresses, you can choose the perfect wardrobe for each season’s popular color palette.

line accessories
Zen Wardrobe jewelry is made of natural materials to give the finishing touch to your minimalist look. The range offers cuffs, necklaces and bracelets, oversized wood effect pendants and horn effect bracelets to recreate the undeniable charm of nature. This gem is a Zen label and can only be used on Zen Wardrobe.

In the store under the virtual roof you will find all kinds of clothing and accessories from brands. We ship to multiple destinations worldwide, including the UK, Europe, North America and other select international destinations. So wherever you are, Zen Wardrobe’s exclusive fashion is just a click away.

Our online team is committed to providing you with the unique and exciting shopping experience you have come to expect from our stores. Here’s a list of world-renowned fashion companies and designers, including Ash, Crea Concept, H by Hudson, Marc Jacobs, Oska, Rundholz, Graham, Spencer’s Velvet, Xenia Design, and more.

At Zen Wardrobe, we pay great attention to detail in our store, from our brand selection and store interiors to the way the products we buy are packaged. We also pride ourselves on our personalized in-store and online customer service that is tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

We do our best to answer customer emails within 24 hours, and our store team is available Monday through Saturday for more detailed product information. Zen Wardrobe believes that the online shopping experience should be as fun and comfortable as in-store shopping. All questions are our priority and members of our team are always on the other end of the phone to assist you in any way they can. We use Secure Trading, a very reliable payment service provider, all our online transactions are 100% safe and we use Comodo’s latest encrypted online security.

Zen Wardrobe Discount Codes
Use our amazing Zen Wardrobe discount code to get exclusive discounts on designer clothes and fashion. These promotions don’t always exist, so make the most of them!