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Yelloh Village is a series of top camping sites in the most outstanding areas of France, Spain and Portugal. Welcome to the best quality outdoor accommodation! 90 top campsites in the cutest areas of France, Spain and Portugal: rare water parks, spacious and fully prepared settlements, location management and entertainment for young and old! They are committed to quality methodology: you will find interesting water parks, high-end residential areas, and quality foundations and management institutions. Yelloh Village offers a wide range of rental options (man-made houses, equipped tents, bungalows, tree houses, cabins, wanderer parades, etc.) to find or rediscover the outdoor fun for your next stay. When you stay and stay on the Mediterranean or Atlantic coast, enjoy the water as much as possible.


How do I book a holiday?
You can book a holiday:
 Through the Yelloh Village website, simply click on the “Find Campsite” button at the top of the screen and fill in the online booking form. Booking is fast and credit card payment is safe.
 Call the central reservation number of Yelloh Village at +33 (0)4.66.739.739 (secure credit card payment).
Call the camping village directly by phone
In any case, you will be required to provide the following information on the booking form: last name and first name, date of birth of each person attending the party, your address, your phone number and your email address.
The reservation becomes effective and confirmed after the village agrees and receives a 15% deposit. For more details, please refer to the General Conditions of Sale.
Yeah! Unless Yelloh, the village is not bound by reservations! The village accepted them. Yeah! Village is free to accept or decline reservations, depending on availability, and generally on any circumstances that might impair the execution of the reservation. Yeah! The Village provides family holidays in the traditional sense, and the accommodation is specially designed for this purpose. Yeah! Village reserves the right to refuse any booking that may violate or attempt to violate this principle.
Reservations for campsites or rented accommodation are strictly based on personal circumstances. In any case, you are not allowed to sublet or transfer your reservation without the prior consent of the village.
Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

Can I choose my pitch?
Some villages have a “Choose Course” option, you only need to check this option when booking and display your course number or preference in the “Comments” section. This option has been invoiced (please refer to the price page of each camping village). If the village does not provide this option, you can mention your preference in the “comments” section of the booking form. Depending on the situation, the camping village will provide you with the venue that best meets your requirements.

What are the different payment methods?
 The simplest payment method is the credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard and Carte Bleue) on the Yelloh Village website. Credit card payment is safe.
 Other possible payment methods may vary from village to village: bank transfer, interest-free payment in three installments (please note that you must pay in full 30 days before arrival), credit vouchers.
 Only credit card payment is accepted 7 days before arrival

How can I change my reservation?
Customers can request to change their accommodation (date, accommodation type) campsite (by post or email) within the same campsite by writing to them, subject to availability and options. Postponement to next season is not allowed. If no changes are made, the customer must spend the holiday in the manner agreed upon in the original booking, or cancel the holiday according to the relevant conditions of the cancellation insurance.
 Requests for extension of stay will be processed on a case-by-case basis and at the applicable price.
 Requests for shortening of stay are considered partial cancellations and are subject to the terms and conditions applicable to cancellation and termination of stay.

Can I cancel my reservation?
The customer can cancel the reservation at any time. For information on refund conditions, please refer to Yelloh Village’s general terms and conditions of sale.

Are pets allowed in campsites?
Some campsites in Yelloh allow pets! Villages, with the exception of dogs belonging to the first and second French categories, need to pay.