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Expires December 4, 2022

About: LennyLamb
LennyLamb is a family business engaged in baby packaging, transportation and clothing. They provide baby earmuffs, baby slings, baby slings, baby earmuff jackets, noszenia dzieci and noside?ka. For newborns and 3-year-old children, long woven packaging is a perfect carrier. It can have a variety of different packaging methods, the same packaging is suitable for people of different shapes and silhouettes. Its main advantage is that no matter the baby’s age, weight or developmental stage, woven packaging is always a good choice-you only need to choose the strap that suits you best. It starts with the basic thread for twill cotton bags and ends with the exclusive thread for cashmere or silk jacquard bags.

How can I return the terms:
The customer has the right to return the product without reason within 30 days after receiving the order.
To return the ordered merchandise, the customer must first contact LennyLamb (contact@lennylamb.com) to inform them of the return. The goods must be sent in their original condition (without showing any signs of use) and original packaging (including receipt). The product and packaging must not be damaged in any way. Payment will be refunded within 14 days. Only after LennyLamb receives the returned product will a refund be issued. Shipping costs will not be refunded.
Products customized for special orders cannot be returned.
What is your payment method

LennyLamb’s online store accepts the following payment methods:
1. Bank transfer-all data required for bank transfer will be displayed in the order summary after you check out
2. PayPal-You can pay to LennyLamb’s PayPal account: paypalsk@lennylamb.com
3. Credit Card-Pay via Braintree