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Tumble Tots UK savings tips
 Tumble Tots UK does not have a special sale area, but you can find clearance and sale items and other low-priced items when browsing by price range. First use the convenient filters on the right side of each page to purchase the entire Tumble Tots UK website at the lowest price. You can first check the price not higher than £4.99.
 Visit the Tumble Tots UK offer page to view current promotional offers for Tumble Tots UK products.
 Look for more offers and promotions in the ads on the homepage. Advertisements may provide free products with orders or special introduction prices for new products.
 The official Tumble Tots UK game plan only provides members with special offers and promotions. Sometimes, certain offers may be used in online stores.
 Follow Tumble Tots UK on Facebook for the latest news, new products and special offers.

What are the shipping methods for Tumble Tots?
For orders worth less than £10, the standard delivery fee is £2.95, otherwise it is £4.95.
Tumble Tots attempts to ship all orders within 24 hours after receiving them. Depending on inventory, UK orders are usually delivered within 5 working days. A signature is required for packages delivered using Royal Mail records or DPD.
Please note that postage and packaging fees are charged at the rate payable before any discounts are applied (for example, for a reduction of an order from £11.00 to GBP 9.90 after the discount is applied, p&p will be charged at the payable rate of GBP 11.00, which is GBP 4.95) .
The cost of express delivery to the UK mainland is £7.50. Please place your order before 1pm to receive it on the next business day.
Express orders will be delivered using DPD, you will receive detailed information about your tracking number via email so that you can track your package, and you will receive a separate email that provides you with a 1-hour delivery window . A signature is required on delivery.

Can I return the item to Tumble Tots?
You can return the goods within 28 days after receiving the goods. The merchandise must be returned unused in the original state when you received it. Remember to obtain a proof of mailing from your post office. After receiving the returned merchandise, you will receive a merchandise refund and standard postage.

Does Tumble Tots UK provide free shipping?
Tumble Tots UK usually does not provide free shipping, but you will occasionally find free shipping promotions. For most orders of £10 or less sent to the UK, a shipping and handling fee of £2.95 will be charged. Orders over £10 will cost £4.95. The basic fee for all international orders is £7.50, but other fees may be added.

Use Tumble Tots UK coupon code
After adding the items you want to buy to the shopping basket, click the shopping basket icon in the upper right corner of the Tumble Tots UK website. On the shopping cart page, you will find the coupon code text box on the left, just below your product list. Enter your code in the text box and click the “Apply Coupon” button to get your discount.

Contact Tumble Tots UK customer support
To contact Tumble Tots UK customer support, please call +44 (0) 121 585 7003 or use the email contact form on the company’s contact us page.

About Tumble Tots UK

If you want your little ones to grow up, then you’d better buy some amusement equipment, fun and educational toys from Tumble Tots, so that their bodies are full of vitality, away from TVs and screens. This is an ultimate attraction that provides sports games for children and encourages them to live a healthy and active lifestyle. They are fully committed to building a healthier future. There is no better way than sports games to keep your child’s agile body and a keen learning mind. If you have a Tumble Tots discount code, then you can treat your little fool with some wonderful games that will make your children happier and healthier without reducing your bank balance.
The concept of Tumble Tots originated in 1979 and has been flourishing in the UK ever since. This idea stems from the theory recognized by psychology that children who are physically challenged in a fun and supportive environment are more likely to thrive after school. Tumble Tots aims to achieve a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle, which will lay a good foundation for learning. However, children’s physical activities should be fun, so despite the ulterior motives, when children participate in the Tumble Tots program, the enjoyment factor is as important as the development of life skills. Tumble Tots is not only known for its plans to launch nationwide, it also has an online store that sells interesting and educational products that focus on developing agility, coordination, and other physical skills.
Everyone knows that outdoor games are good for children, through games to introduce them to the sports skills they can share with their brothers, sisters and friends. It may be difficult to encourage your kids to put down their tablets, but the Tumble Tots outdoor toy series will definitely keep them busy for hours and keep them physically and mentally active.