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More about PC Specialist

With more than 10 years of experience, PC Specialist is trusted by thousands of customers from all over the world. All of the thousands and thousands of laptops and notebooks are customized as per the specifications of the customers. In PC Specialist online store, you can buy various computers such as custom computers, gaming computers, minicomputers, custom laptops, etc. More importantly, great PC expert promo codes are always waiting for you to apply.

PC Specialist tips and tricks

Get social and follow PC Specialist on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube so you can keep up with all new product launches, special events, exclusive offers, etc.
The standard 24 hour service Monday to Friday provides free delivery for most UK postcodes. If you are not completely satisfied with the item you received, you can return it within 14 calendar days for a refund or exchange.
Visit tipssaving from time to time, where you will find more PC Expert promo codes and offers.

Frequently Asked Questions for PC Experts

If I open the case and install my own components, will my warranty be invalid?
Unlike most computer manufacturers, they allow you to open the case and install your own components. If you installed these components correctly, and during the installation of your own components or because you did not damage your computer, your warranty remains valid. They do not provide any support methods for these components during installation or use, and any warranty returns due to your own components will be charged for labor costs and returns. If you need to return the computer to them for any reason, they strongly recommend that you remove these components in advance, as they are not responsible for them.

I am thinking of buying some software. Is your software legal?
They only sell software that is genuine. When you purchase certain software from us, you will receive the product license, CD / DVD and accompanying documentation for the software. When you purchase Microsoft® Windows from us, it will be fully installed and ready to install and fully configured with all the necessary drivers.

Your computer is reasonably priced. Will their performance be the same?
Because of their online nature, they can simplify production costs and reduce management costs, such as expensive warehouse fronts. Therefore, their computers could be hundreds of pounds cheaper than on the street. If you do a benchmark test, you will find that despite the lower cost, the performance will be equal to or higher than equivalent specifications purchased from the street.

I chose a computer, but it exceeded my budget. Can you give me a better price?
Our price is hundreds of pounds cheaper than the high street. When configuring computers on their website, they will automatically apply discounts on bulk purchases. If their prices are not competitive by any chance, they will be willing to consider competitive offers and provide the best offer on this basis. Please save the quote on their website and read the following information.

Where are you now?
They are located at Grange Moor Wakefield near Huddersfield, Yorkshire. You are welcome to collect orders from their premises, but do not encourage customers to visit their premises because they have not been set up for this purpose.

Can you build a computer under certain circumstances?
Yes, select the “Send in your own case” option while configuring your computer.

Because the company buys computers, can I get a VAT receipt?
All their computers receive a full VAT receipt, which will be emailed to you when your order is shipped. After placing the order, you can download a copy of the invoice from the customer account area.

Are your parts branded and of high quality?
They only buy components from leading manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, Asus, Western Digital, Palit, and PowerColor.

Will you sell me components only?
Unfortunately, they currently only provide computers or laptops that are fully assembled and tested. They only sell components to existing customers so they can upgrade their computers based on their recommendations, support and warranty services.