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Expired has created a gorgeous and innovative label design to identify clothing and items of adults and children in places where many people share the same space, such as nurseries, daycares, day camps, schools, sports clubs, nursing facilities And nursing homes. ..
For parents of children who start nurseries, schools, school trips, or go to summer camps, the same cram ritual takes place every year: they are required to clearly put a name on all their children’s clothes and belongings. As a young and busy mother of two girls, I can’t think of taking out my sewing box, like’s grandmother and mother, putting on handmade labels with bright smiles every day until all The clothes are labeled. What about school supplies? How much time do I need to mess with paper and tape to make clever name tags for their colored pencils? So I decided to look for a new product that is easy to connect, cute and stylish, can be customized online, and can resist washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and microwave ovens. After many attempts and tests, the name label of is ready to be put into production in 2011.

Why choose Ludilabel for shopping?
Quality and innovation
All name tags on have clear instructions. They do not contain any substances harmful to your health and comply with all current European standards. has made all stickers with plastic coating to ensure excellent durability when affected by friction and sweat. Ludilabel is the exclusive retailer of the branded product Ludisticks: these clothing stickers are affixed to the clothing’s brand, care or ingredient labels and can be used in washing machines and tumble dryers. This means that parents no longer need to sew or iron.
Famous characters and gorgeous designs
The advantage of lies in cooperating with the best designers and illustrators to produce exquisite designs that will complement your name tag. regularly adds new designs by talented designers to’s collection. also collaborates with the companies behind your child’s favorite characters, such as Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, Disney’s TV shows and movie heroes (Frozen, Disney Princess, Mickey, Minnie…), Pixar (Cars, Finding Nemo, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Monster Inc. etc…). The catalog provides you with the best name label design! So gorgeous, colorful and fun, everyone loves it! has collections suitable for different ages and styles!
Customer service does its best to satisfy customers and is committed to answering your questions as quickly as possible. The customer support of can be contacted by email on all working days from Monday to Friday: products are shipped free of charge to all parts of the world via priority air mail. More detailed information about the delivery is provided here.

What payment methods are available?
You can use the following bank cards to pay: VISA, CB, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and use the following payment gateway: Paypal. also accepts checks, in this case your order will be shipped as soon as the check is received and verified. You can also make bank transfers from your bank account. In this case, if your order is from France, you must make an international money order. The order will be shipped immediately after payment is confirmed.
For more detailed information on payment methods (CC, PAYAPL, cheque bank transfer), please read’s general terms of sale and delivery carefully here.

Can I send my order to an address different from my own?
Of course. Simply add a new shipping address to the address book of your account and select it when confirming the order. If you are ordering as a visitor, just enter the shipping address in the correct field when confirming the order. If the goods are for you and must be delivered to family members, friends, companies: don’t forget to write down the name or company name clearly on the mailbox or on the front door of the person. For example: Violette Harcourt c/o Madeleine Belmont, located in Paris EVOLIS office N°232 Saint-Honoré street 75001.

Is it safe to pay with my bank card voucher? has entrusted the bank card purchase system to Lyra, an international payment solution that ensures secure payments using bank, debit and credit cards. When using Paypal to check out, your bank account, credit card and debit card are securely encrypted by Paypal for your shopping. In addition, only bank cards or credit card organizations can access your bank details. uses one of the best payment solutions to protect your transactions on the website.

Can I remove the ironing name tag?
You may want to remove the ironed name tag when passing clothes from one child to another, because the clothes are too small for older children, or you may want to give them away for supply or sale.. here In this case, you can use complicated methods to remove the ironing label. Remember, they are durable and firmly connected, it is almost impossible to remove them and keep the fabric clean. In any case, when you need to deliver clothes,’s suggestion is to use’s sticky name tags. Read more about Ludistick, which is easy to stick and easy to remove.

Can I order pocketbooks with different pictures or names on each label?
According to’s production workflow and pocketbook system, only one design (name and art) can be used for each preview ordered. If you don’t want to preview two name tags,’s suggestion is to enter the family NICKNAME/SURNAME in the text field, so that one wallet can be used by multiple family members.

The order you received does not match the ordered product?
It really depends on the type of product. The possibility of returns and refunds only covers non-personalized products. For personalized products (name tags…), you should carefully read’s general terms of sale to learn more about’s return policy.

Can I put the LUDISTICKS sticker directly on my clothes?
No, you can’t, Ludistick stickers will not resist washing machines or tumble dryers. Ludistick stickers can only be affixed to clothing fabric ingredients, care or brand labels.

Why can’t I verify my account?
When you receive the verification email, just click the provided link. Sometimes, automatically generated emails (such as emails containing your verification link/code) are accidentally blocked by your email program or mistakenly regarded as “spam” by your email provider. Please be sure to check if there is a LUDILABEL verification email in your email spam folder. To request a new verification link/code, click on the link provided. You only need to click the verification link to verify. However, if you apply your code, recommends that you copy and paste it instead of typing it manually. If your verification link/code is not displayed, please email the email address you used to register your account to, and will manually verify your account for you.

I lost the release paper, how do I attach the ironing label?
You can use baking paper or greaseproof paper. The result will be the same.