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About Lola Sleep
Lola Sleep Creates Lola Sleep Different from other mattresses companies
Lola Sleep believes that when you sleep mattress, you should not compromise, so Lola Sleep’s design is supportive, comfortable, and perfect night sleep.
Lola Sleep designers and craftsmen make Lola Sleep’s mattresses from the best materials to ensure their performance and possibilities.

Founder of Lola Sleep
The founder of Lola Sleep has a rich series of experiences in the bed industry, leaping several generations, initially started in 1970. Lala sleep is born in order to make a purchase experience of mattresses as much as possible.

Lola’s mattresses are manufactured in one of the UK, and Lola Sleep can break the excessive design and overcharge of high street brand names for decades.

Create a Lola Sleep Perfect mattress. Lora production.
Lola Sleep knows the great mattress.
This is why Lola Sleep creates Lola. By utilizing 50 years of industry experience, Lola Sleep designs Lola mattress to provide comfort and support ideal combination.
Read the peeking behind the scene, see the production of the Lola mattress!
Mattress design
First, Lola Sleep’s goal is the mattress of Lola Sleep, give you some luxury in your home, no matter where you are. That’s why the top plate uses thick fabric to provide super support and luxury feel.
You will also notice two thick and sturdy Garrano handles on both sides. These make mattresses can easily set up mattresses. Once Lola Sleep adds an owl sign and signing Lola orange, Lola Sleep knows it is ready.
Fill cover
Lola Sleep knows no one wants to handle color mattresses! That’s why Lola Sleep adds an easy zipper and uncompressed buffetable mattress cap. Cleaning your mattress has never been so simple!
Cover and materials used;
Align with Lola brand, Lola Sleep uses orange, navy, white and gray colors. Even if your mattress is usually overwritten in bed, you will know how to get more time and be careful to help your sleep better.
Lola Sleep uses the best materials, Lola Sleep allows Lola Sleep and open to provide ultimate happiness when you relax in bed. The top white panel is thick, providing extravagant feelings and flexibility for inevitable wear and tear.
Lola Sleep is not stopped – on the bottom of the mattress, you will find a breathable, anti-slip cover, prevent the mattress from slipping from the bed.
Inside the mattress;
Lola Sleep spent a few months and months to dream of Lola Sleep Perfect mattresses, providing you with the best integrated packaging for comfort and support.
RESULTS: 24 cm mattresses consisting of 4 layers. Lola Sleep wants the mattress to optimize the most advanced comfort, support and cooling technology.
 Comfort layer: Substitute for traditional mattresses, this layer provides maximum comfort and responding to the motion of the body to evaporate heat and moisture. Please note that this layer will not make you cold! It aims to help you avoid overheating while adding additional air flow.
 Cooling support layer: This layer provides the desired pressure to keep back and spine alignment to ensure fantastic sleep.
4cm nano-support spring: This is one of the most interesting parts created! Lola Sleep wishes to make sure that Lola Sleep makes a mattress that supports couple. The packaged nano spring is like a hug, providing cloud support for you and your partner – regardless of the size. Therefore, if your partner is bigger than you, because the spring provides perfect weight distribution, you don’t have to worry about falling into them. In addition, the packaged nano spring provides durability and stability for enhancing the support of the side, back or gastric pillow.
 Support pedestal: The base layer is the backbone of the mattress, supports all key areas of the body, including neck, shoulders, spine and buttocks.
Test mattress;
In order to test the professional knowledge of Lola Sleep – Rara mattress, it is equivalent to 10 years of use. Rolling the mattress with the machine and scroll to test durability with the machine.
Lola Sleep has not stopped there. All foams in the Lola mattress are tested to the BS EN ISO 8307.2007. No ozone depletion, PBDE flame retardant, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalate for foam.
Finally, not sustained, for Lola Sleep, only materials that use non-toxic and low allergens are important. Lola Sleep hopes that you have confidence to know your bed, only the best best materials.