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About has an independent and fair life guarantee introducer by Sundergy Limited, used in multiple market lifestyle, aimed to help their users find the best life estimate to meet their specific range of conditions.’s broker browsing hundreds of life assurance providers to ensure the best price. guarantees you that these providers provide customers with high quality products, as well as other benefits to customers. service is free, very user friendly, you don’t have to bear the quotes provided by
Please note that is not a direct insurance company, ITSLEF does not provide insurance. only provides matching services to help people compare all major life insurance companies’ life insurance policies.
How is it working?
After receiving your inquiry, it will be dealt with one of the expert life insurance brokers, they will provide you with a wide range of living security options. After receiving your query, they will contact you in order to give you a free offer within 24 hours (48 hours weekend).
You don’t have any obligations and have the right to reject this free offer. The main goal of is to make it easy and find your right life insurance.

What did?
Collection information
Fill in Simple and secure online application form.
2. Compliance with you and insurance companies
Depending on your information, experts will search for Market’s best life insurance plan.
3. Get a quote
You will receive your free duty quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need life to guarantee?
It is to know that you have arranged a complete life assurance policy to be released for your relief.
The main purpose of Life Insurance is to provide your family or other beneficiaries to provide guaranteed income sources. Life Insurance Policy pays your family, if you die or have serious diseases, pay your home payment or separate amount.

Why do I Choose Life-Insurance1?
Life-Insurance1 is an independent and fair life assurance site designed to assist users find the best life estimate of their specific series of conditions.’s broker browsing hundreds of life assurance providers to ensure the best price. service is free, very user friendly, you don’t have to bear the quotes provided by

How Much Life Assurance do I Need?
The cost of life guarantee policies depends on two key factors: 1. How much cover you need; 2. How long you take.
Subsequently, your age, gender, occupation, drinking and smoking habits will be considered.
The core issue of determining the premium is your medical history and current health.

How Much Life Cover do I need?

As a general rule, the main or unique supporting people insist on supporting their family comfortable lifestyle. In some cases, you must also provide resources for professionals to prevent you.
On the other hand, the loss of the partner usually leads to a decline in household costs by about 30%. You should take up about five to ten times more occupied by a salary per year.

How long does I need to guarantee?
One choice is until your family is already old enough to take care of yourself, that is, most people are approximately 25 years old. Or – until your savings are sufficient to maintain you and your partner.

How Much Mortgage Cover do I Need and for How Long?
Before the debt settlement, you should cover the unpaid debt amount.

What type of mortgage is needed?
If your mortgage is repayment, you need to reduce a continuous guarantee policy. If it is a unique mortgage, you need a level of phase policy.

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