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About LEGOLAND Discovery Centre
The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre located in the center of Intu Trafford is part of Legoland Discovery Centres around the world, from Chicago to Tokyo to Istanbul. After someone suggested building a park where visitors could explore Lego blocks, especially after Lego employees spent a lot of time showing customers what they could build with iconic blocks, the idea of ​​Legoland Discovery Center came true.
With discounts at the Legoland Discovery Center, you can take your kids to have fun in many attractions, including the new Lego City Builder, Lego Factory Tour, Lego Ninja Laser Camp, Lego Fire Academy and more! In addition to the attractions that are open to visitors every day, you can also find a series of activities at the Legoland Discovery Center, such as Lego NEXO Knight: Book of Creativity and Lego Movie 4D experience, where visitors can marvel at the lifelikeness of their favorite Lego characters.
The Legoland Discovery Center is an ideal destination for children of all ages and even certain adults, and an ideal place for special birthday parties. They offer a series of birthday party packages suitable for all budgets, providing fun activities, party food and cakes for birthday boys or girls.

We believe you are well aware of the myriad benefits of adventurous travel. If you are going to take a vacation sooner or later, plan to travel to a unique place that provides tourists with a completely different sense of entertainment and entertainment. Tipssaving introduced LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. An ideal place for kids to explore a whole new level of fun and entertainment, with lots of Lego attractions, rides, play areas and more! Use the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre coupon code to enjoy some convenient booking discounts on Black Friday. Take a peek at their powerful MINILAND, which consists of approximately 1.5 million bricks! Does this sound crazy? You can explore interactive city buildings built with Lego bricks, and watch airships, huge towers, and their mischievous minifigures hidden in MINILAND. They serve the world, expand their play areas to Europe, Asia, Australia, and continue to expand. Explore the fascinating NINJAGO city adventure and show off your ninja skills in a great play area. Watching the deadly dojo NINJAGO action and other demonstrations through the LEGO 4D theater sounds very interesting. Use the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center discount code to enjoy Christmas and enjoy some easy booking discounts. Provide special allowances and benefits for groups of 10 people, including school trips, birthdays, etc. While enjoying delicious meal discounts, food and various beverages in the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre cafe, you can also relax and unwind to your heart’s content. You can also explore the LEGO® store to purchase decent LEGO products, with an inventory of more than 900 latest products. If you are an adult fan of Lego and you have no children in your life, don’t worry! They can enjoy Legoland’s exclusive parties and theme nights on the first Wednesday of every month, and enjoy prizes and special discounts in their stores. Cyber ​​Monday brings a lot of fun, grab the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center promo code to get huge discounts.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Q&A

How to use my LEGOLAND Discovery Centre discount code?
After checkout, the system will instruct you where to enter the code. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it! However, please make sure to enter the code before the transaction is completed, as it is too late to benefit from the code afterwards.

Can I contact the customer service of the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre?
Absolutely. You can contact LEGOLAND Discovery Centre via the online contact form on the website, or you can contact them via email:

Where can I view the terms and conditions of LEGOLAND Discovery Centre?
You can find a complete list of terms and conditions on the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre website.

Can children visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre without an adult?
All children must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older to enter the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. Children under 3 years old do not need to purchase tickets.

Can we enter and exit from the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre?
Legoland tries to accommodate as many facilities as possible on site, but if you need to leave the center, you must re-purchase tickets when you re-enter.

Connect to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre
You can contact LEGOLAND Discovery Centre via the online contact form on the website, or you can contact them via email: