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About House Decor Interiors
House Décor Ltd has been trading at its current location since 1997…
…However, most of the employees of House Decor Interiors, the general manager and studio manager of House Decor Interiors have been working in this industry for many years, instead of mentioning it politely.
House Decor Interiors has a large retail store in Saltaire, a beautiful historic town in West Yorkshire, serving the local community of House Decor Interiors, providing a full range of services from measurement, advice, production of custom curtains and blinds to installation of finished products. In addition, House Decor Interiors believes that it is very important to continue to provide fabrics and necessities for those who wish to make their own curtains.
In 2008, House Decor Interiors decided it was time to expand its business scope and provide a wider range of services through the advancement of the Internet. House Decor Interiors established the original website, which continues to grow.
House Decor Interiors decided to make it easier for customers who know what they want, while still providing a very high level of customer service and advice to customers who need it, and has been working on this site for nearly a year and is now available online Customers can simply purchase the quotation for customized products.
My payment has not been confirmed, what should I do?
Don’t worry, just contact the sales team of House Decor Interiors, they can check the payment system and confirm whether the payment has been received or is indeed unsuccessful. You can call 01274 588079, send an email to or discuss further in LiveChat. House Decor Interiors recommends that you contact House Decor Interiors before trying to order again, as this may cause duplicate payments/orders.

How long will it take for my fabric or wallpaper to arrive?
Orders will usually be delivered to the standard UK area within 2-5 working days, provided that the products you choose are in stock. If your product is out of stock or delayed, you will receive an email notification, at which time you can choose to wait for the product, choose a replacement product, or cancel the order for a full refund. Some brands do provide express service, please contact for more information. Casamance/Casadeco/Camengo/Caselio are all located in France, so the delivery time is approximately 15 working days (approximately 3 weeks), which will be confirmed as part of your order update. House Decor Interiors recommends that you do not book a decorator/studio before the order arrives. House Decor Interiors will not be responsible for any costs incurred due to delays.

The product I received is different from the one I ordered, what should I do?
House Decor Interiors provides product details (including vertical pattern repeat and available width) based on brand information. These measurements are provided in the form of approximate numbers, and a certain degree of tolerance is allowed. House Decor Interiors is happy to investigate any discrepancies further, and please contact your order details via phone or email as soon as possible.
Would you please measure my blinds or curtains?
Since House Decor Interiors is an online retailer, you need to measure the size yourself and install the curtains/blinds yourself. However, House Decor Interiors does provide a measurement guide (bottom of the page), and further guidance and assistance can be provided by sending an email to or calling House Decor Interiors: 01274 588079.

Can I return unused rolls?
According to House Decor Interiors’ return policy, House Decor Interiors does not accept returns for some orders that are not faulty. Many brands offer reservation services, so if you are unsure of the quantity, House Decor Interiors recommends that you book any additional rolls. You can check House Decor Interiors’ return policy on the House Decor Interiors website;

What curtain title do you offer?
Through this website, House Decor Interiors provides eyelet titles, 3-inch pencil pleats, 5-inch pencil pleats titles, double clip pleats and triple clip pleats. If you have any other requirements, please email House Decor Interiors or call 01274 588079.