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Since 1995, Newbody Fitness has been committed to providing complete fitness solutions for various industries, including education, hotels, companies, apartments, armed forces and healthcare…

With Gymcompany’s rich professional knowledge and directly operated gyms in the past, Gymcompany’s team will help you provide your users with the ultimate gym solution.

Essentially, Gymcompany designs, delivers and maintains customized gym solutions to meet your project requirements in a unique way.

As a truly independent equipment supplier, Gymcompany has a unique advantage and can choose from the best equipment manufacturers in the world, allowing you to get the best results.
Gymcompany firmly believes that Gymcompany can contribute to people’s health and well-being by creating the best gym.

Therefore, Gymcompany is committed to providing customers with the best fitness solutions. To achieve this goal, Gymcompany will carefully analyze the specific requirements of your project to design and deliver truly customized solutions. If finances are an issue, Gymcompany can handle it too! Gymcompany has a variety of rental options to meet your budget.
Gymcompany’s commitment to excellent customer service means that your project will be delivered on time and within budget. Gymcompany will then ensure that your organization and colleagues receive all the necessary training they need to maximize the advantages of the new gym.

In addition, Gymcompany will ensure that your fitness projects continue to fulfill their promises, allowing your end users to continue to enjoy the ultimate fitness experience. Gymcompany will provide the maintenance and after-sales support you need to ensure that your facility is fully operational; however, if there is a failure, a skilled technician from Gymcompany will be there to help you at any time!

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Phone: 01926 337 000

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