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Gordons Direct-Online health and beauty expert!
Gordons Direct is the online store of Gordons Chemists-the largest independent pharmacy chain in Northern Ireland. Gordons Direct’s online store allows customers across the UK and Ireland to take advantage of Gordons Direct’s offers and a wide range of products!
The goal of Gordons Direct is to provide you with the latest and top products at the best price, as well as the best customer service you can find anywhere! Gordons Direct mails orders from its warehouse in Bainbridge, Northern Ireland-right at your door!

Who is the Gordon Chemist?
Gordons Chemists was founded in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland in 1980 as a pharmacy. Today, Gordons Direct has more than 60 pharmacies in the streets and shopping malls of Northern Ireland and Scotland, and Gordons Direct is proud to serve thousands of customers every day.
Gordons Chemists prides itself on providing friendly, efficient and highly professional services and great value for the best products on the street.

Gordons Direct – The website of Gordons Direct!
Gordons Direct offers a wide range of products at unbeatable prices. Search or browse Gordons Direct’s website to view thousands of products that Gordons Direct sells online; from men’s and women’s fragrances, to skin care and makeup essentials, to health products, hair styling, travel care, maternal and child products, and various Electrical products.
Gordons Direct provides cost-effective delivery options. If you need faster shipments, Gordons Direct can provide next-day delivery services in the UK and Ireland.
Gordons Direct has a well-trained and dedicated team of order fulfillment experts who will handle your order very carefully-your satisfaction is the top priority of Gordons Direct! Gordons Direct hopes that you are satisfied with the online services provided by Gordons Direct-when you visit Gordons Direct’s website, when you receive an order for home delivery, and when you need Gordons Direct’s after-sales service-this is Gordons Direct The goal is to make you satisfied with the service you receive and hope you visit Gordons Direct again.
To learn more about Gordons Chemists and where you can find Gordons Direct on the street, please visit the Gordons Direct store location page. For how to contact Gordons Direct, please refer to Gordons Direct’s Contact Gordons Direct page.