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How long is the validity period of the coupon?
12 months from the date of purchase. The voucher must be used at this time, not just a reservation. It can be expanded for a small fee.

Why is FSM the best simulator experience in the UK?
FSM is different from other flight experience companies because uses real flight simulators instead of models like most calls them “toys”. has a real Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and 747 (JUMBO jets) all in the same hangar. The A320 and B737 have pitch motion, while the Boeing 747 is static, with the screen all around. is the largest flight simulator experience center in Europe.

What is the difference between the A320, B737 and 747 emulator sessions of
Both Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 have pitch motion to enhance the flight experience. These are the standard airliners you might fly to European resorts, each equipped with 2 engines. The takeoff weight of these aircraft is usually about 60 metric tons. The 747 is the classic Queen of the Air long-haul aircraft for the past 50 years. The typical take-off weight for long-haul flights is about 500 metric tons. She is a big bird. The 747 emulator does not actually move, but the wrap-around screen is very effective and can make your brain mistakenly think it is moving. The 737 can carry 2 bystanders, and the 320 and 747 can each carry 3 people (packed with 4 people at a time). Both the 737 and 747 were originally used as airline training simulators, while the A320 is actually an airplane (G-BUSF) whose nose was cut off and then redesigned as a simulator.

Why choose FSM as a flight simulator gift experience?
FSM is a relaxing environment within the Coventry Aircraft Club, which has a cafe and aviation museum so you can enjoy a day of gifting experience. All the pilots of are former or current airline pilots of and have extensive flying experience. can make your experience full of challenges. can fly to your favorite airport or take you to exotic Hong Kong, Sydney or even San Francisco. has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence for Travel Consultants for 4 consecutive years. Check the TripAdvisor reviews of for some recent feedback:

Why are you a bit more expensive than some of the other offers I have seen?
Because uses the MOTION simulator, which is not available in cheap places. After, the country’s lowest price sports simulator exceeds 400 pounds per hour. So its value is very good. Read the TripAdvisor reviews on

Why choose FSM for airline flight simulator preparation? has completed hundreds of successful simulator evaluation preparations for most European and Asian operator candidates. knows how to make you perform at your best so that you can stay at your best for the day. has received a lot of feedback from previous candidates, so is once again very clear about the challenges you will face that day. All the instructors at are experienced airline captains, some of whom are still working and flying these planes on a regular basis.

Does FSM have MCC and JOC courses? is currently offering JOC and airline positioning courses for the New Year (2019). is obtaining CAA certification for 320, so hopes to be able to provide MCC later in 2019. The goal of is to provide MCC on 320 and JOC on 737 so that you can experience the two main types of courses during this period.

Don’t sell yourself short, don’t train on non-professional simulators. This is extremely detrimental to your chances of getting the job you dream of.
Please call to discuss your requirements-0800 999 7370 or send an email to

Captain Chris Rigby

Where are you? is at the National Center of Coventry Airport. There is ample free parking and nearby hotel and B&B locations.

Coventry Railway Station-10 minutes by taxi under normal traffic conditions.

Birmingham: 20 minutes by car

East Midlands: 40 minutes by car

London Luton: 1 hour and 10 minutes by car

London Heathrow Airport: 1 hour 25 minutes by car

London Stansted: 1 hour 45 minutes by car

There are frequent trains to Coventry station from London Euston and the West Coast Mainline and the northern region. Parking is free.