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About: Dog Games Shop
Hey, do you have a dog? Are you looking for a perfect fit dog harness wholesaler near me? Do you want to buy some seat belts for your pets? Learn about Dog Games Shop, a shop that has been making seat belts for dogs since 2004. The idea is to create the most effective and practical pet safety belts to ensure their safety. According to the dog’s body type, there are different sizes of straps, such as 15mm-single piece, 20mm-single piece and other sizes, all made of waterproof and durable materials. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about buying its products. They have a large number of dog games wholesale, where you can explore various dog pet shop games and buy fantastic products for your cute pets at discounted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Games Shop

Will these seat belts stop my dog ​​from pulling?
Their harness is specifically designed to distribute the dog’s weight evenly on the harness-helping to reduce tension, friction and friction. The sense of security when wearing a soft and comfortable harness may mean that the dog is more calm and balanced when walking. This is usually enough to stop the dog from pulling, because there is no longer a suffocation or sharp edges rubbing the skin around the throat. In addition, the front part of the Perfect Fit Dog Harness can be purchased with an additional D-ring.

How to use the front D-ring on the Perfect Fit Dog Harness?
The front D-ring is designed to be used in conjunction with a double-ended lead or two leads to connect to your dog’s back and front for better control and more even distribution of any tension. This is also very useful to help guide your dog away from bad stimuli. They do not recommend using the front D-ring alone.

Can I install the seat belt myself?
Yes. Please check their local inventory page and their regularly updated Show Diary.

Will my dog ​​overheat in the PerfectFit harness?
Based on their experience so far, they have not reported that dogs have overheated while wearing seat belts due to their small body coverage.

Can I use my seat belt in the car?
Their PerfectFit seat belt has not been crash tested, so it is not recommended to use it in the car.