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£100 off all Fnatic PCs over £999 discount code

About Chillblast
Chillblast is a British computer manufacturer located in southern England. Chillblast was originally a professional importer of niche overclocking products, and has now developed into one of the most respected and beautifully decorated desktop computer manufacturers in the world. Chillblast is not only very proud of the awards it has won, but also very proud of the services Chillblast provides to customers every day. Whether you are looking for a new home office desktop or super powerful gaming equipment, Chillblast’s professional team will always be there to help you.

Why Chillblast is different
Many retailers outsource their PC construction to other companies instead of building and testing them internally. This can cause many complications, including limited stability testing, insufficient attention to detail, and careless construction. When you buy a system from Chillblast, your computer will be built by one of Chillblast’s own highly qualified system engineers, all of whom have years of experience in the highest level of PC construction.


It will undergo unparalleled testing and must pass Chillblast’s strict quality control tests, and will be optimized and set up by one of Chillblast’s well-trained software teams. Chillblast has been praised repeatedly for its special warranty terms and high level of customer support. Chillblast is considered the leading PC expert in the UK. Regardless of the type of PC system ordered, all customers can use these services.

There is nothing more frustrating than ordering a PC just because it is not working properly or needs to be troubleshooted in the first few days. Chillblast takes all possible measures to minimize the possibility of this happening. Before Chillblast proves that a system can be delivered, Chillblast will conduct very intense tests on it until Chillblast is completely satisfied that it is 100% stable. Chillblast will only allow shipments if each test passes. The hard disk, graphics card, memory, CPU and motherboard functions have all been thoroughly tested.


Chillblast is an active member of the Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is proud to be a member of one of the most prosperous and collaborative business communities in the UK. If you work in Dorset and want to audit your IT systems and hardware to understand how Chillblast can help your business, one of Chillblast’s well-trained B2B experts will be happy to arrange it for you.


Chillblast is an Intel Platinum member and Microsoft Silver OEM partner, putting Chillblast at the forefront of British computer manufacturers. Whether you are buying as a business or as an individual, you can buy with confidence because Chillblast has been fully recognized by the largest company in the Chillblast industry.



Chillblast’s standard warranty includes a 2-year return and return package, lifetime local phone support and unlimited repairs during this period. It also includes the collection and return of your system to you. In addition, Chillblast also provides an additional 3 years of manual support after your pick-up and return package expires. Chillblast believes that this is the best warranty available, and it is the standard configuration of all Chillblast PCs. For those looking for extra peace of mind, Chillblast also offers a 3-year Gold pickup and return warranty at a price of £99 (excluding VAT). Beyond the warranty period, Chillblast is proud to provide customers with exclusive upgrade or repair services, as well as collection/delivery/labor cost subsidies and parts cost discounts.

The most awarded system manufacturer in the UK
Chillblast can proudly say that Chillblast has won all the major awards currently available to British Computer Press, including hundreds of individual product recommendations provided in the most respected IT resources. PC Pro, PC Gamer, and PC Advisor are just three examples of magazines that continuously awarded Chillblast the highest honor, and in 2018, Chillblast was named the “Best PC Brand” by PC Pro for the ninth consecutive year.


Chillblast’s reputation as a leading gaming desktop manufacturer far exceeds Chillblast’s many honors and awards. Chillblast also received an excellent score of 9.4 out of 10 on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot is an online review community that helps build trust between consumers and businesses. This is the largest and fastest-growing review platform of its kind in Europe, and it gives consumers the opportunity to share their online shopping experience in a completely transparent manner. In other words, the reviews you read on Trustpilot are true and unabridged. The fact that Chillblast has consistently maintained such high scores on Trustpilot highlights the fact that Chillblast provides some of the best gaming computers in the UK. It drives Chillblast’s commitment to unwavering customer satisfaction.

Take a look at some of the opinions shared by Chillblast customers on Trustpilot:
• “Chillblast works harder-even further!”
• “Trustworthy and reliable”
• “Absolutely outstanding-excellent help and assistance at every step”

Whether you are looking for the best gaming desktops, student computers or high-spec business systems on the market, you can find everything you need in Chillblast. Not only that-you can also enjoy the best customer experience currently available in the UK.

The Chillblast community
Chillblast is fortunate to work with some high-profile gaming communities. Providing superstar gamers YOGSCAST cooperates with PC and the Minecraft community of Hive, e-sports superstar Fnatic and game clothing company GameTee, Chillblast is proud to support such creative and talented teams as people. Participating in events such as multiple insomnia and gadget exhibitions, Chillblast and game developer Jagex, Birth Ready, Codemasters, Splash Damage, Hello Games and Rebel’s work, Chillblast has been excited to show off what Chillblast’s system is capable of. Chillblast’s growing Facebook and Twitter communities are constantly busy. Chillblast is always happy to talk about the latest games and technologies on the system, as well as Chillblast’s suggestions.

ISO 9001: 2015 certification
Chillblast is a 9001 2015 certified company. It follows a strict quality management system, which means to ensure that Chillblast products are consistent, repeatable and reliable. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental, international organization that develops standards to ensure quality, safety, and product, service, and system efficiency.