About Alona Shechter Ltd.
Alona Shechter Ltd. is a company with extensive knowledge in the field of beauty and health product innovation. The company was founded in 1994 and enjoys a high reputation in the cosmetics industry.
The company produces and sells personal care products based on natural ingredients that combine herbs and minerals from the Dead Sea. These products are unique in that they contain a particularly high concentration of active ingredients.
Alona Shechter’s products include creams and vitamin-rich oils that provide nutrition to the skin and improve its ability to cope with various elements and time. The products complement each other and are suitable for hair, face and body, suitable for different skin types and all age groups.
Combinations of herbs that grow in areas with contradictory climates require different resistance components of Dead Sea minerals, and together create a magical world, some of which are still hidden.
In 2010, Alona Shechter developed a series of “advanced anti-aging products” aimed at marketing and sales through leading foreign cosmetics stores.
The company’s products have not been tested on animals and have been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and European C.P.N.P. Today, you can find the company’s products in several major countries in Europe, Asia and South America.
In early 2015, Alona Shechter developed a virtual store that allows you to buy in a convenient and reliable way. Thank you for choosing to become a club member, Alona Shechter will always be here to serve you.
Shipping and returns
Alona Shechter Company will do its best to ship products quickly while maintaining product quality and packaging until it reaches the customer.
In addition, each order will be sent through the EMS PLATINUM service or EMS standards, depending on the recipient’s location. The service is door to door. Although the service is door-to-door, it may not be possible. In this case, it will be sent to the recipient’s mailbox. Please note that a signature may be required upon receipt of the shipment.
The order will be shipped within 2 working days after receiving the payment. The company will make every effort to process and deliver all orders in the shortest possible time.
In most cases, the customer can receive the goods within 3-7 working days after receiving the payment. However, the company is not responsible for delivery up to 21 days, so refund requests will not be accepted.
The company does not assume any responsibility for delays caused by express delivery services, including strikes, holidays, etc.
Alona Shechter will do its best to reassure Alona Shechter’s customers and will work hard to send information about the tracking number so that you, Alona Shechter’s customer, can track your order online.
Unfortunately, the company cannot send packages to countries that have no trade agreements with Israel.
The company is not responsible for any defects or damages that may occur during transportation. If the customer finds that the goods are damaged, incomplete, wet or unacceptable in any other way, Alona Shechter recommends that you refuse to accept it. Damaged or lost packages by the shipping company are still the responsibility of the company.
The company insures all goods. In the case of not receiving the package, the company will do its best to ensure that the customer receives the ordered product without loss.
In the case of a return, the product may be sent to:
P.O. Box mailbox: 10410 Ramat Poleg Netanya 4265029, Israel.
After the company receives the returned product, it will be returned to the customer in the form of points according to Alona Shechter’s points system. The points will be updated one week after receiving the return.
Please note that cash refunds are only allowed if the product is defective, broken, incomplete or damaged before delivery.